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Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
at (313) 961-4646 for service.
Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
at (313) 961-4646 for service.

Court Cost Bonds in Detroit, Michigan

What is a Court Bond?

A court bond is a broad term that describes surety bonds or money required by individuals when he or she must pursue court action. By understanding the two categories of court bonds – judicial bonds and probate bonds – you can facilitate a lengthy legal process.​

Judicial Bonds

A judicial bond is a legal safeguard that guarantees that you will follow through on your court obligations. Before you enter into a proceeding, many courts will require you to obtain a judicial bond as a safety net for costs involved in
​the case.
That’s where we come in. If the court issues you a judicial bond that’s too hefty for you to carry at this difficult time, we’re here to help. Goldfarb Bonding Agency will step in and provide the bond so you can focus on a smooth proceeding without the stress of lofty costs.

Probate or Fiduciary Bonds

As a fiduciary, a court may notify you about a required probate bond. This ensures that you will execute your legally-appointed duties honestly. When you need a probate bond, we can help you fulfill your obligations to follow laws, terms of a will or trust, or a court order. 

Cost of Court Bonds

Because each case is unique the cost of a court bonds vary. Determiners of cost may include the proceeding details, the state in which the case occurs and the court level. If your court mandates that you have a bond before the proceeding, you can count on us to provide a solution at a fair price.

Receive an Estimate 

You don’t have to go through the legal process without financial help. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss your options and give you an estimate on your required bond.