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Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
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How to Support Your Adult Child After Their Arrest

Young man in handcuffs

When your adult child is arrested, the experience is upsetting for everyone as you and your child come to grips with this new situation. Your child may be an adult, but you still love them and want to help them in times of trouble. Here are some ways you can offer your support and loyalty after their arrest.

Communicate Your Love and Support Immediately
No matter how old your adult child is, they need to know you still love them despite their choices in life. When you let your child know you love them, you offer them important emotional support during their time of turmoil.
One of the best ways to show love is to listen to them. Your child may not feel like talking about their arrest at first, or they may obsess nonstop and vent their emotions.  Let them know you are there to listen and empathize.
Visit Them in Jail
Depending on the reason for their arrest, your son or daughter may have to spend time in jail. This is your opportunity to be a positive presence in their life and visit them during their incarceration rather than shun them. If possible, you can arrange to deliver some necessities like articles of clothing, magazines, personal effects, or treats to eat.
Otherwise, go visit them and just talk to them. A simple way to show your support is to show up at their jail cell so they can see your face. This is also a good opportunity to talk to the authorities and discuss any details regarding the arrest if your child wants your involvement.
Offer Treatment Assistance
Sometimes something as serious as an arrest is the catalyst that convinces your child to seek treatment. If your child's arrest stems from substance addiction or depression, your child might need your support to overcome these challenges. Now is the time to show your support by offering them assistance with treatment.
The possibility of treatment shows your child you care about their emotional and physical health and are concerned about their life after their arrest. This gives your adult child hope for a future free from addiction, depression, and subsequent arrests.
Retain Legal Help
When you participate in solutions after an arrest, you help your adult child both emotionally and legally. If your adult child is unable or unwilling to do so, show your support by making sure they have a lawyer or other legal help.
The best way to find a knowledgeable lawyer who can guide your adult child through the process after the arrest is by referrals. Ask any family friends who have experienced a similar arrest, or contact the local bar association. Also, if you are present for any of your child's hearings, ask the clerk of the court for a lawyer experienced with your child's type of arrest.
Provide a Home
Your child may be an adult, but they still may look to you as a source of strength and guidance. If necessary, you can offer your home as a place to stay after the arrest. With a stable residence, your son or daughter is more likely to recover from their experience to pick up the pieces of their life and return to school or work.
If you open your home to your adult child, do so with conditions. Have a plan regarding your expectations and goals. This lessens the chances your child will take advantage of you rather than get back on their feet.
You can show your support in many ways, but before you can offer help with treatment or lodging your child must first be out of jail. Contact an expert bondsman at Goldfarb Bonding Agency if your adult child needs help with bail.