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Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
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How to Prevent Your Spouse's Arrest From Ruining Your Finances

Woman In Handcuffs
If your spouse is arrested and put in jail, this can have a big impact on your life. Not only are you probably missing your spouse and dealing with a lot of stress and concern, but you might also face financial issues. Money problems are common among individuals whose spouses are put in jail. These are some of the things you can do to help prevent your spouse's arrest from ruining your finances.
Work With a Bail Bond Agent
If your spouse is awaiting trial, you may want to post bond so he or she can come home. If the bond amount is too high, it could drain your bank account or be impossible for you to pay. A bail bond agent can help in this situation. With the help of a bail bond agent, you'll only have to pay a percentage of your spouse's bond as a fee.
This makes it possible to bring him or her home without wrecking your finances.
Find an Attorney Who Offers a Payment Plan
Hiring an attorney when your spouse is facing criminal charges is a necessity. Unfortunately, lawyers often are not cheap. Trying to cover the cost of hiring an attorney while handling other bills and expenses might seem impossible.
Some attorneys do offer payment plans. You may be able to make payments on the lawyer's fee each payday, which might be easier for you to do than having to pay the entire fee at one time.
If hiring an attorney simply is not affordable for you and your spouse right now, your spouse still shouldn't represent himself or herself. Instead, look into a court-appointed lawyer, which should be granted if you and your spouse cannot afford to pay for legal representation.
Look for Affordable Phone Call Plans
While your spouse is in jail, you'll probably want to stay in contact as much as possible. In addition to writing letters and visiting, you may be able to communicate over the phone. The problem with this, though, is that jail phone calls are often prohibitively expensive.
Instead of just paying per call, look into a phone plan with the provider that offers the service at the facility where your loved one is incarcerated. You may be able to prepay for a certain number of minutes each month, for example, for a reduced rate over paying for each phone call separately.
Talk to Your Spouse's Employer
If you aren't going to be able to bail your spouse out of jail, or if he or she is serving an active sentence, then you might assume that your spouse will lose his or her job. This is a possibility, but you may be able to help. If your spouse does not let his or her employer know what is going on, the employer might assume that your spouse quit without giving notice.
Letting your spouse's employer know what is going on and when your spouse is expected to return home could possibly save his or her job. At the least, it might save your spouse from having a bad employer reference, which might be the case if the employer is left in the dark.
Communicate With Creditors
The bills don't stop coming in just because your spouse is in jail. Communicate with creditors to see if they can help. If you have a good track record of paying your bills on time, your creditors might be willing to work something out with you during this tough time. If your spouse's creditors are calling, make sure they know that your loved one is in jail. Once they verify this, they might stop calling.
A spouse's incarceration has a big impact on the entire family. With the right plan, though, you can help prevent your spouse's jail time from ruining your family financially. Contact us at Goldfarb Bonding Agency if you are looking for a bail bond agent who can help get your spouse out of jail quickly and affordably.