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Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
at (313) 961-4646 for service.
Call Goldfarb Bonding Agency in Eastpointe, MI,
at (313) 961-4646 for service.

Appeal Bonds in Detroit, Michigan

What Is an Appellant?

An appellant is a person who receives a sentence in a lower court but wants to reverse the decision in a higher court. If you have been given an unsatisfactory resolution in your court case, your lawyer will review your options to make an appeal. Goldfarb Bonding Agency can help you be prepared with any documents you might need for a second hearing. Give us a call and we can get you started. 

A Second Chance Is Worth It

If your court case has closed with an unfavorable outcome, there is still hope. Most attorneys should be aware that making an appeal is an option. Often times, you may have a better chance with a different judge and jury in a higher court. With the help of Goldfarb Bonding Agency, we will make sure that you have the correct paperwork ready before your actual court date. An appeal bond will help delay payment of your initial judgment until the appeal case is over. Reach out to us for more information.

Where Do You Get an Appeal Bond?

After your lower court case has closed, there is an opportunity to make an appeal to a higher court. If you are approved, you will get a second chance with a second judge and jury. Your lawyer will help you with your representation, but Goldfarb Bonding Agency will assist you in getting the right paperwork and necessary documents that will postpone any payments from your initial trial. Call us today to get your appeal bond.
Judge in the Courtroom

Let’s Start the Process

For over a century, Goldfarb Bonding Agency has helped people like you be prepared for their second hearings. We provide any type of bond that you may need. From bail bonds to appeal bonds, we are able to get all of the right paperwork in order. If you want a second go-around with your case, talk with your lawyer and call us to discuss your options.
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